Richie Incognito called “honorary Black”


November 8, 2013

Miami Dolphins’ second-year offensive lineman Jonathan Martin made sports news when he abruptly left the team on October 28 due to constant bullying and harassment by his teammates.  Initial stories reported it started when players – pulling a traditional prank – stood up and removed themselves from the table as Martin sat down to join them, causing him to slam his lunch tray and exist the facility. Following stories focused on fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito allegedly being the main harasser, which was supported via a published voicemail where Incognito called Martin a “half-nigger.”

The Miami Dolphins took immediate action by suspending Incognito indefinitely for “conduct detrimental to the team.”  This daily-developing saga was no longer confined as a sports story; it became a national story regarding race/racism being the topic of conversation.

Knowing of the threatening language and racial slur Incognito left for Martin in a voicemail, some would think that his Black teammates would be offended and denounce such behavior, but that was not the case.  Black players have voiced their support for Incognito, stating the media depiction of him being a racist is untrue and laughable.  Cornerback Brent Grimes stated, “I don’t think Richie is racist”; tight end Michael Egnew added a similar sentiment: “Richie Incognito isn’t racist.”  In fact, since this story made headlines, Incognito’s teammates, majority of them being Black, have shown overwhelming support and have painted a positive picture of him, because he is loved and wide receiver Mike Wallace made that clear:  “I don’t have a problem with Richie; I love Richie.”

Incognito was so loved and respected that his teammates voted him one of the team leaders, despite his troubled past on and off the field.  More surprisingly, he is considered a “brother” by Black teammates and given the license to use “nigga” because he is one of them.

This distorted belief goes even further.  Miami Herald’s reporter Armando Salguero reported that a former Miami Dolphins’ player stated:

“Richie is honorary. I don’t expect you to understand because you’re not Black. But being a Black guy, being a brother is more than just about skin color.  It’s about how you carry yourself.  How you play.  Where you come from. What you’ve experienced.  A lot of things.”

Salguero went so far as to report that many Black players in the locker room consider Incognito a Black person (because he talks/acts like them; thus, he’s culturally accepted) and “more Black” than Martin, who is incorrectly labeled as half-Black by some clowns in the media.

Martin’s father, Clarence Augustus “Gus” Martin, is phenotypically a Black man with a mixed background and shares President Obama’s complexion; whether he had a white parent or biracial parent is unknown.  Martin’s mother, Jane Howard-Martin, is Black. Knowing this, how is Martin half-Black when he does not have a white parent?  Do people also label Obama’s daughters half-Black?  There is no denying Martin’s mixed background via the lineage of his father, but stating that he is half-Black when he has no white parent is ridiculous.

Nonetheless, to understand the mindset of his Black teammates and why they view him as an unauthentic Black man, Martin’s background must be mentioned.  Martin is a Stanford graduate, where he studied ancient Greek and Roman Classics.  Both of his parents are Harvard graduates: his father; Harvard Class of 1978; his mother, Harvard Class of 1979.

Martin’s father holds a position as associate dean of Criminal Justice Administration at California State, Dominguez Hills and specializes in Terrorism and juvenile justice, publishing five books on the subject.  His mother holds a corporate position at Toyota as a lawyer.

The Harvard connection does not stop with Martin’s parents.  His great-grandfather, Harvard Class of 1924, studied at Harvard but was not allowed to live on campus because he was African American.  His grandfather, Harvard Class of 1956, was a professor of International Development with expertise in sub-Saharan Africa. Impressively, his family tree includes nine Harvard graduates and highly educated individuals of lawyers, professors, researchers, and other careers.

There is a long-standing notion within Black society where some believe that one who is educated, speaks/writes well, has a grasp of the English language, and wealthy is somehow not adequately sufficient to be considered Black.

Sadly, some Blacks neither respect nor embrace education – not to mention one’s individuality.  With Martin’s education, background, how he was raised by his parents, and how he carried himself, it is no surprise that he was labeled less than and not Black enough.  Incognito, on the other hand, despite his white skin, was Black in their eyes because he acted like a Black person.  Thus, he was “one of the boys,” a “brother,” and “honorary Black.”

This convoluted and downright pathetic mentality only fosters offensive Black stereotypes.  It shows why Blacks will continue to remain at the bottom of the social ladder and viewed by non-blacks as inferiors, uneducated, feeble-minded individuals, and smiling-jiving buffoons.

These types of Blacks are no different than those who stood alongside slave masters to capture, beat, maim, torture, sell, and murder Blacks for subservient power and acceptance.  These are the worst types of Blacks; these worthless dirt-scums are the real enemy of Blacks.  They detest Blacks who are successful (or those who chase success) because they themselves cannot gain it or refuse to put themselves in a position to obtain it.

Blacks are the only group of people that practice all-inclusiveness.  Jews don’t include Black into their circles and make them “honorary” Jews.  Asians don’t include Black into their circles and make them “honorary” Asians.  Italians, Caucasians and other groups don’t include Blacks into their circle and make them “honorary,” because they respect their cultures, where they come from, and their ethnicities.

Not only do they respect their cultures, they value education because it fosters success and opportunity, something that lacks with a number of clowns in Black society.

When a white girl dances well and has the ability to shake her butt up and down and gyrate uncontrollably to the rhythm, Black girls consider her a “home girl” and a part of their faction. When a white man knows how to shoot a basketball or does tricks, he is given a silly name like white chocolate (e.g., former NBA PG Jason Williams and Street-baller Randy Gill) and placed on a pedestal as if he is some kind of deity.  When a white man knows how to rap and shows his musical skills like Eminem, he becomes the “best rapper” in the world and heavily praised and loved by Blacks – and accepted within the Black culture.  Former President Bill Clinton, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thick, and the like are other examples.

Anything that a white person does that Blacks deem impressive, he/she is instantly loved and accepted as part of the group and/or culture.

Incognito’s Black teammates can call him “nigga” at their discretion; in return, he can use it as a term of endearment with ignorant Black friends that allow him to do so.  Majority of those in his circle can be Black.  He can decide to date, marry, and/or have children with a Black woman.  He can be loved and admired by Blacks of all walks of life.  However, he will never be Black or have a true experience of Black existence.

He does not have to worry about being a target for being in an area that he does not belong.  He does not have to worry about being riddled with bullets and murdered for looking suspicious.  He does not have to worry about being stopped, frisked, and harassed by animalistic law enforcement while walking. He does not have to worry about being pulled over while driving.  He does not have to worry about being questioned for an expensive item purchased with his own credit card.  He does not need to worry about secondary treatment when he enters the emergency room. Obviously, he does not have to concern himself with being called a nigger.

Being Black is not a membership; it is an existence of black skin – an inherited trait.

There is no rite of passage of becoming Black; no such thing exists.  One does not become Black by growing up in a predominantly Black neighborhood, having predominantly Black friends, sharing similar life-experiences, having the same lingo and diction, or wearing clothing in a particular manner.  Black is Black and Caucasian is Caucasian.

Any Black person who believes white people can be considered Blacks because of a lifestyle or any similarities is a twisted-minded fool – and highly dangerous to other Blacks.  Spineless fools of suchlike will easily betray their own kind, plot one’s demise with a smile at the behest of white supremacy, for they lust for white acceptance, power, and companionship.

Whites are not honorary Blacks.  There is nothing honorable about Blacks calling a white man Black.  It is shameful, disgusting, and pure stupidity.


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