Today’s Black Men


Today’s Black men are disturbedThere used to be a time where Black men exude manly characters and carried a faculty of masculinity.  Those days are beyond capturing.

Black men today are wearing tight pants and calling it fashion, while purposely flaunting their oversized name-brand belt buckle to show how much money they’ve spent.

Black men are wearing dress-like and skirt-like clothing and calling it stylish, because it was seen at a Paris runway fashion show and subsequently on a rapper.

Black men are carrying around purses, because society has coined the term “murse” (i.e., man-purse), which tells a man that it is okay to be effeminate.  Leggings, designed for women, are now called “meggings,” designed and worn by men. 

Black men are performing salacious dance moves that should only be reserved for women

The Black man has even gone so far as to tamper with his eyebrows, by carving those two silly bare lines on each eyebrow.

More disturbing, Black men are now flaunting tongue rings.  The behaviors that were exclusively channeled through women are now being channeled through men.

The Black man has been psychologically castrated, thanks to Black celebrities who are stringed along by white supremacy to contaminate the young minds – not to mention Hollywood: an industry that has done a masterful job with the emasculation of Black males through cinema and television.

Sadly, the Black man has lost his ways, his manhood, and self-identity.


One thought on “Today’s Black Men

  1. wow I don’t see this but how horrible. I guess if the police don’t kill them off then the comfort of ‘morphing’ into femininity is becoming an option for some


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