License To Kill


Once again, another unarmed Black man has been brutally murdered by a white police officer.

Video shows the savagery of this cop, shooting 8 times (striking the victim 5 times in the back) as he runs away.

Video shows after the victim is handcuffed while faced down, the savage cop jogs back – and retrieves – his Taser and walks and plants the Taser next to the victim’s body.  The truth comes to life after the officer fabricated police reports with the usual narrative: he was attacked; he felt threatened as the victim tried to grab his Taser; thus, he responded with gunshots.

Despite the clear video-evidence of what transpired, racists online are supporting this officer and placing blame on the victim, stating he caused his own death by running away and other ridiculous excuses.  More disturbing, money is being raised via crowd-funding Web sites in support of this brute – and some have the audacity to argue that racism should not be brought up, for racial disparities do not exist.

Black men are the most hated, antagonized, and brutalized people in the U.S. There is a deep-rooted hatred for Blacks and that hatred is being executed with ruthless murders through cops, all of whom are given the license to kill without any repercussion or prosecution.


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